About the Farm

Quetzal Farm (pronounced ket-sall) produces organic vegetables on ten acres in Santa Rosa, California. Quetzal specializes in dry farmed tomatoes, sweet peppers, chilies and cucumbers. We also grow onions, basil, squash, and other vegetables. We make canned salsa and other tomato-based products from our vegetables.

Kevin McEnnis started the farm in Santa Rosa in 1999, giving it the name of the national bird of Guatemala, where he planted his first garden. The farm originally produced for farm market sales in Berkeley and Sonoma County, slowly building up its production and reputation each year. In 2004 Keith Abeles joined Quetzal Farm. He has helped build up the farm’s wholesale and direct to store/restaurant sales. Quetzal Farm grows the highest quality produce in a location with good soils, and a climate that benefits from a mix of Santa Rosa heat and a prevailing cool marine influence.


This unique environment allows us to grow cool season crops side by side with tomatoes and other heat loving plants. Vegetables mature slower in this particular climate, which increases quality and taste.

Quetzal grows and dries its own chilies. These chilies offer many amazing culinary opportunities. You can find them at the Berkeley Farmers Market, as well as enjoy them in dishes at Chez Panisse. Check out recipes on the website.

Quetzal Farm uses sustainable farming practices. We build organic matter in our fields, restore habitat and plant hedgrows throughout the farm. This increases habitat for beneficial insects, birds, and other animals. It also helps us grow great food.


We pride ourselves on producing the freshest, tastiest, high quality vegetables. We keep a high standard when picking and packing produce, and our customers tell us this quality keeps them shopping for Quetzal items.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and know our customers over time. If you have not shopped with us already, we encourage you to.

You can find our goods at Bay Area Farmer’s Markets, Whole Foods, grocery stores, restaurants, and beyond. Enjoy the Bounty!

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